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UPS Shipping

To generate the shipping label with UPS, please follow the steps below: 
  • Fill out the UPS form by Click Here

  • Follow the tracking number provided until your items arrive! 

How Does The Shipment Process Work?

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1. For shipments to Pony Up pack up your items for shipping in your own boxes.

    For shipments going to you order supplies from us and we will delivery them to your door.

(Local to the Dallas area)


2. Pack your belongings according to UPS guidelines

Or Ask us about our packing Services. Additional fees apply.

Please email:

Man Using Computer Printer

3. You can either print your labels and place them on the boxes, don't have a printer No problem. Shipping Labels will be emailed to us.

    We will bring them with us at time of pick up.


4. Schedule the Pick-Up 
For scheduling questions, please email:


5. We deliver all your boxes to the destination you requested. Done!

Over 25 Years Experience Servicing DFW and Surrounding Areas
Fully Insured, Licensed and Family Owned
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